Feathers, Fur, Fins & More, 8 of 8: Elizabeth

It's all about those cute and adorable critters that make us go "Aww".

I have something that has neither feathers, fur nor fins so it is perfect for the "more" portion of of this series.

How about a cute, pink elephant?!

I used the same building structure format to create this dimensional box using a Polaroid die cut as outlined in this post HERE.  The only difference is that I fabricated my open-faced box to be deeper.

The extra depth gave me plenty of room to decorate with garlands of die cut hearts, plant pretty flowers, stamp a sentiment and embellish with lots patterned papers.

All the fun elements of this 3D creation can be found with these links at Penny Black, Inc.:

We hope you enjoyed our Feathers, Fur, Fins & More series!