From This - To That: Jill

You never know when we will find something in the STUDIO that will inspire us to take a trans-formative artistic journey from this to that.  Come take a peek...

Oh boy, I really can't tell you how much fun I had transforming THIS--a piece of an old box:
TO THAT--a set of four ATC's:
To begin the transformation, I randomly ripped up the top layer of of the cardboard revealing the yummy texture beneath.  Next I painted the entire piece using acrylic paints.  I loved that since I was working on an old box, I was not afraid to jump right in and paint away.  I kept thinking, so what, if this turns out hideous, I can just throw it away!
When I was finished painting, I remembered THIS inspiration I had seen on Pinterest which lead me to the decision to cut the piece into four small ATC-size pieces.  I added additional lighter acrylic paint to these, sometimes spraying the wet paint with water and allowing it to drip.  I also added washi tape, stamped hearts (Penny Black 30-204 Heart Swatches) and a sticker sentiment (SRM #53001 Happy).  I just couldn't resist using the word "happy" with all of these bright colors.  Perhaps these ATC's would look cute on a gift bag (punch a hole in the top and tie on with ribbon), mounted to a card to wish someone happy birthday, or I think I just might prop one up by my computer screen as a reminder of happy, artsy times.  

Wanting more From This To That?  I might (wink, wink) have spied Elizabeth transforming something else here in the Studio...