From This - To That: Elizabeth

You never know when we will find something in the STUDIO that will inspire us to take a trans-formative artistic journey from this to that.  Come take a peek...

From this....

To that!
I would like to introduce you to Ginger.  
She has been running around in my mind and I finally brought her to life.

Here's a look at my process...
The sculpture began by creating the basic form.  The head and body were developed from cardboard, cotton and tinfoil.  Straws were added for legs and the painter's tape created an overall foundation to apply modeling paste.

Sanding occurred between the layers to create smooth transitions.  An application of white gesso prepared the finished form for painting.

Ears, eyes and horns were fashioned from clay.

A combination of diluted acrylics and Faber-Castell Stamper's Big Brush Pens were my coloring mediums.

The tail is painter's tape rolled around tin foil.  
The finished sculpture is 7 inches tall.

Adding medium gel mat between the coloring applications gave the piece a wonderful texture and finish.  

Ginger has a friend too!

This is Polly.
She was created using the same materials.  Her "poofy" body is made up of over 90 pom poms that were rolled in white gesso.  Woolly highlights were added with a grey Faber-Castell Stamper's Big Brush Pen.

I couldn't resist tucking in this little tail.

Baa, baa, black sheep,
  Have you any wool?
  Yes sir, yes sir,  
Three Five bags full!

Stay tuned to see what Jill has transformed!