From This to That: Elizabeth

You never know when we will find something in the STUDIO that will inspire us to take a trans-formative artistic journey from this to that.  Come take a peek...

From Penny Black's Coco Style Designer Paper, Tombow's Hook & Loop Tabs and some fancy bling... a fancy dimensional purse!
( 2.5  x  1.5 )
Simply trace your favorite templates onto 
patterned cardstock, cut and fold.  
Viola - instant cuteness!
What to add extra sweetness?  
Fill with chocolate confections.

I created this template design myself, but you can find many inspirational patterns on the web.

I really like the weight of Penny Black's designer papers.  Easy enough to score and fold with just the right amount of weight to keep the finished design sturdy and hold its shape.

Check out all their fabulous paper pads HERE.  
The design selection is amazing.